Company approved for the application of plant protection products as a service.

All our workers who handle or use phytopharmaceutical products are trained and hold "Certiphyto" certification.

The company is qualified to detect and identify diseases and holds accreditation issued by the DRAAF: Accreditation n° PA 00530

Mr Labiche is registered with the Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur regional department of food in accordance with article 15 of the national decree of 21.07.2010 to intervene on plants which are sensitive to the red palm weevil (he is also recognised as apt to survey palm trees, to implement action to eradicate the red palm weevil and to apply preventive treatment).

The company adapts to environmental requirements by using, wherever possible, certified organic products which are authorised by law.

In case of need: emergency interventions

We have a used product storage area that meets the standards in force and a vat enabling us to carry out treatments at a height.

Examples of target pests: :

  • The Weevil
  • The Paysandisia Archon (palm tree pest)
  • The processionary caterpillar
  • Mosquitoes, hornets, wasps...

Mr LABICHE Olivier remains at your disposal.