The LABICHE company was established on 1st April 1986, the date Mr Labiche decided to set up his own business.
The early days were difficult as Mr Labiche had to position himself in the market, while facing the competition.
He only had a few pieces of equipment that were vital to his line of business..
On 1st May 2002, Jean-Louis Labiche became: S.A.R.L. JEAN-LOUIS LABICHE.

Today, we employ 8 skilled workers to whom Mr Labiche has passed on his expertise and know-how. We also boast a wide range of equipment, vehicles and machines (1 heavy goods vehicle equipped with a crane, 3 lorries, a tractor, a micro tractor, a tracked wheelbarrow, a trailer for phytopharmaceutical (plant protection) treatment, tractors, a mini-excavator, a shredder, a basket crane, vans, lawnmowers, chain saws, brush cutters...)..
In 2010, his son (Olivier) joined him in order to develop the landscape gardening sector.

The company is evolving, diversifying (lifting since 2012), and is expanding; But it remains a family business committed to its values, a method and a quality of work that have been going on for more than 30 years now.

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Protection of employees while working

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is provided in order to ensure the optimal protection of all employees while working.
This includes:
Cut-resistant clothing, safety shoes, safety helmets, ear flaps, harness, Prusik cords, safety ropes, gloves, goggles, masks, overalls and boots (for phytosanitary treatment).

Safety measures :

The job site is secured by means of the relevant signage, marking out (signal cones, warning tape...) and a security perimeter, thus ensuring the safety of both users and workers.

Protection and prevention of virus transmission

In order to prevent the transmission of viruses or disease, the equipment is systematically disinfected.

Environmental protection

Mr Labiche is particularly concerned by environmental protection. He regularly attends training sessions on various procedures that are officially recognised as being effective. He is therefore familiar with all new products available on the market, as well as those that have been withdrawn and examines the components: the benefit or harm they generate.
Consequently, the company only uses products which have been approved in accordance with the standards of the legislation in force, and wherever possible are organic.